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Welcome to FranklinAvenue.net / Franklin-Avenue.com! Home to Grammy-nominated Maria, undefeated prognosticator Evan the Blogger Toddler, and media whore Mike.

Franklin Avenue launched on March 3, 2003, as part of a New Year's resolution. That year I wanted to (a) start a blog and (b) finally get a radio show going on KCSN. Both are One is still going strong (sad excuse for a public station KCSN is now automated in the evenings, as of Sept. 2008 -- whatta waste of the airwaves) -- it was the only year I've ever truly been successful with such a thing.

Since our launch five years ago, we've been written up by Los Angeles magazine, the L.A. Times (which named us one of "L.A.'s essential blogs") and by several other media outlets. Our Great Los Angeles Walk was also recently featured by the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly.

We cover everything L.A., from restaurants and events to local media and history. We've reviewed more than 160 restaurants in the process, have attended countless Los Angeles events... and these days, with Blogger Toddler, tend to view our city through the eyes of young parents.

Why "Franklin Avenue"? Quite simply, it was the street we were living on when we got married and started this blog.

Now, a few plugs. Looking for reasonably priced, handmade invites, thank-you notes or personal cards? Check out Maria's MPress Studio. Looking for professional graphic design work from a Grammy nominee? Check out Maria Villar Design.

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